Bitcoin starts 2020 stronger than ever

The hash rate of the world's strongest cryptocurrency network has once again exceeded historical highs

According to estimates, the bitcoin network points to an all-time high for this new year 2020 which have been evaluated based on the continuous growth reflected in recent records, this currency being the most attractive proposal for miners.

According to blockchain, on January 1st the cryptocurrency reached 119 quintillion hash per second (h / s). For its part, Coin Dance confirms that the hash rate of the coin was the highest on the first day of the new year.

For commenters including Keiser Report host Max Keiser, the rate highs will eventually produce high figures in bitcoin prices.

The price of BTC / USD fluctuated between USD 3,100 and USD 13,800 last year, but the trend continued.

For its part, at the close of this edition reference, the pair traded just above USD 7,100, a decrease of about 3% during the three days that covered the hash rate record.


Source: cointelegraph

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