Honduras prohibits banks from operating with cryptocurrencies

Banks and other financial entities in Honduras will not be able to operate with cryptocurrencies, according to an order issued by the country's regulators through a resolution

The regulatory authorities of Honduras prohibited, through a resolution, the operations, investments and possession of cryptocurrencies by the country’s banks and financial entities.

According to the National Banking and Securities Commission of Honduras (CNBS), the resolution “restricts institutions within the traditional financial system from operating with cryptocurrencies and digital assets that have not been approved or are outside the authority’s field of supervision. monetary of the country.”

The regulatory body also resolved tokens and “any other similar virtual asset” not issued or authorized by the Central Bank of Honduras.

The order directly affects all users of the Honduran financial system, who do not have access to their platforms for trading with this type of instruments.

It is important to note that banks and financial institutions cannot handle derivatives based on crypto assets either.

Although Honduran regulators have allowed the use of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin among citizens, they recognize that these currencies are not regulated, issued or controlled by the central bank.


Source: diariobitcoin

(Reference image source: Michael Förtsch en Unsplash)

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