Brussels opens investigation into TikTok over child protection

TikTok is under investigation in Brussels over compliance with content transparency and child protection rules

This Monday, it was learned that the European Commission opened an investigation into TikTok to verify that it complies with the rules for the protection of minors and transparency in content moderation.

In September 2023, the Community Executive asked the video platform for information on these aspects. However, it has now decided to open a formal investigation.

As background for the measure, it is important to remember that last year the EU approved the law that forces large Internet companies to guarantee that their algorithmic systems do not display content harmful to users.

In connection with this regulation, the authorities also seek to clarify to what extent the platform generates behavioral addictions through its algorithms.

“Brussels points out that it must be studied to counteract the potential risks for the exercise of the fundamental right to the physical and mental well-being of personnel, respect for the rights of minors, as well as its impact on radicalization processes.

The protection of children and adolescents is a priority for the EU Digital Services Directive (DSA).


Source: elconfidencial

(Reference image source: Florian Schmetz at Unsplash)

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