Google won’t allow ad blockers

The Mountain View company wants to prevent extensions dedicated to blocking advertising from being used

Google maintains its plans to hinder the development of extensions dedicated to blocking ads in its browser, Google Chrome, which it will disable from January next year.

The Mountain View company controls your browser through a so-called Manifest, a text file that lists some of the browser extensions’ specifications.

In this document, the company defines what system resources are available, the permissions it grants to extensions, or the application programming interfaces (APIs) whose functionality they have access to.

The company published a proposal for changes to its open source browser base, Chromium, in which it detailed a series of measures applied to a specific API, WebRequest. Due to these changes, most ad blocker features would be removed.

So, Google justified that, with this action, it sought to improve the speed of the browser by not having to depend on these extensions to filter network requests. He also said that this would protect the privacy of users.

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Source: dpa

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