Axie Infinity launched the Creator Academy

Axie Infinity launched The Creator Academy in partnership with Nas Academy and they will be awarding 200 scholarships to motivate their players to participate

The Axie Infinity team in partnership with Nas Academy launched The Creator Academy with the aim of educating and improving the skills, regardless of experience, of the Web 3.0 content creator community, particularly for the Axie Infinity game, and will be awarding 200 scholarships to motivate players to participate.

The origin of the creation of the program could be related to the discontent of many users due to the modifications that the game has been presenting, in addition to the delay in the execution of a “new version where you can earn rewards” which has caused a decrease in creators of content about Axie Infinity.

The content of the Axie Infinity Creator Academy was outlined almost entirely by Nas Academy, as a “complementary proposition to the Axie Creator program, which is mostly operated by Qu3st.” Nas Academy was created with the purpose of providing content creators with all the technological tools necessary for the development of their work.

The Creator Academy plans to carry out tutorials for 3 months and within the aspects to improve, the following stand out:

  • Creative script writing.
  • Generation of ideas for content of interest.
  • Production of audiovisual material with smartphones.
  • Successful social media management.
  • Content strategies and their monetization.

Axie Infinity scholarships

To participate in the 200 scholarships that the academy is offering, players must complete a series of steps:

  1. Visit the following link, and click the “Sign Up Now” button.
  2. Fill out the form with the applicant’s personal information, email, Ronin Wallet and portfolio link. At the end of the registration, an email confirming the pre-registration should arrive.
  3. Pre-registration will be valid until July 20, 2022, when the form will be closed.

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