Google will show number of followers in search results

The most recent update of the Google search engine will show the number of followers of the content creator, as well as their popularity on social networks

The recent update from Google, the most used Internet browser in the world, will include content creator data, such as the number of followers.

This means that when you place a name in the search bar and click, the browser will display the results also showing how many followers you have on networks such as X, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

The data related to the level of popularity of the content creators, taken from their profile on the aforementioned social networks, will now appear below or next to the name to provide more information to the Internet user.

According to a post on the browser’s official blog, information about the rest of the users will be added progressively.

Google users can certify that this data is already reflected in the search by placing the name of a frequently consulted company in the bar. The number of followers will be displayed there, both on mobile devices and desktop computers.

Upon learning of the inclusion of this new information in searches, some SEO professionals wondered if this would influence Google positioning. The technology company’s response has been no, since “the follower count is not used as a ranking factor.”


Source: marketing4ecommerce

(Reference image source:, Unsplash)

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