Google and Chile to create a fiber cable between America, Oceania and Asia

The Government of Chile and the technology giant Google revealed their plans for the creation of Cable Humboldt

In a historic milestone, the Chilean government and technology giant Google unveiled plans to create the Humboldt Cable, the first underwater fiber-optic cable that will cross the vast South Pacific, linking the coasts of South America with Oceania and Asia.

With an approximate length of 14,800 kilometres, the Humboldt Cable, which will connect the picturesque coastal town of Valparaíso in Chile with Sydney in Australia, is designed to have a lifespan of 25 years and an astonishing transmission capacity of 144 terabytes per second.

During the presentation of the ambitious project in Valparaíso, Chilean President Gabriel Boric highlighted the importance of the Humboldt as an “underwater bridge for the exchange of technology from south to south, knowledge and innovation”, stressing that this connection will bring Chile closer to one of the most crucial development poles in the world: Asia and Oceania.

Boric revealed that the control of submarine fibers will be shared between the Chilean state, through the public company Desarrollo País, and Google, who will collaborate in the joint commercialization of their use.

The project, whose construction is scheduled to begin this year with a planned completion in 2026, pays homage to the renowned Prussian biologist, geographer and humanist Alexandre Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859), considered the father of ecology, whose legacy marked the project with his name.

Boric emphasized the geopolitical relevance of Cable Humboldt by pointing to the lack of such connectivity “from south to south“, while highlighting the initial state investment of $55 million to carry out this pioneering initiative.

K. Tovar

Source: El País

(Reference image source: Possessed Photography, Unsplash)

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