Game creators work a lot of overtime

A survey conducted by DEV found that game creators tend to spend more time programming than they should

About 41 % of gaming professionals admit to experiencing ‘crunch’, meaning periods of working overtime, typically to make a delivery on time.

This is one of the conclusions recently reached by a study by the Spanish Association of Video Game and Entertainment Software Producers and Developers (DEV) in its “Radiography of Spanish Video Game Development Professionals”, which aims to give learn more about the reality of the sector and analyze the perceptions of professionals dedicated to video game development.

This study was carried out from an anonymous survey in which 465 professionals from the video game industry participated. It happens to 44 % of the people surveyed, who claim to work between 40 and more than 60 hours a week, while 61 % of the total concludes that they have worked between 41 and more than 90 hours a week when asked about the time spent in a week during the last year.

However, DEV determined that people who have worked more than 90 hours a week have claimed to have done so of their own free will and not under any obligation. In relation to platforms and performance, the results of the survey show that computers continue to be the main platform for developers, since they are chosen by 63 % of the total.

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Source: dpa

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