Spain will contribute 15 million euros to the pandemic fund created by the G20

The G20 created the pandemic fund to fight future threats to global health. Spain has indicated that in the next three years it will contribute 15 million euros to the fund

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has reported that Spain is going to contribute 15 million euros, over the next 3 years, to the pandemic fund created by the G20 at the meeting that it is holding these days in Bali (Indonesia).

This was announced by Sánchez at a press conference in the Indonesian city, where he explained that this fund’s main objective is to help low and middle-income countries face future pandemics, such as the one that occurred with the coronavirus.

“We have made significant progress in the field of global health and I think this is one of the successes of the G20 that we have reconfirmed at this summit has been the creation of this fund under the umbrella of the Global Fund and associated with the World Health Organization Health“, detailed the President of the Government.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo announced on Sunday the launch of this global fund to prepare for future pandemics, warning that the $1.4 billion (a similar figure in euros) raised so far is not enough. Twenty countries and three charities have already pledged to contribute a total of 1.4 billion euros to the fund, according to Kunta Wibawa Dasa Nugraha, head of the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

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Source: dpa

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