Toyota will manufacture its own self-driving car chips

The automotive company is betting on the development of technologies for vehicles and signed an agreement with Denso for the manufacture of self-driving chips

Denso and Toyota partnered to create a joint venture for the research and development of self-driving chips for next-generation vehicles.

Denso decided to establish the new company of advanced research and development of semiconductors for vehicles and will establish a more solid system for R & D of semiconductors.

Toyota’s automotive manufacturing experience is integrated with Denso’s trajectory in order to accelerate and optimize the development of electric vehicle controls through semiconductor technologies.

The two companies plan to carry out advanced research on the structure and processing of next-generation semiconductors. The goal is to create advanced products for the autonomous car industry.

The association also contemplates the development of components such as power modules for electric vehicles and peripheral monitoring sensors for automated vehicles. Currently, Denso is a supplier of Toyota and handles 51% of the shares of the new company.


Source: Tekcrispy

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