Fighting corruption with ICT

The ordinary citizen, from personal computers, can make a great contribution in the fight against scourges that affect the poorest

Ordinary citizens currently rely on information technologies advances to fight against crimes that affect the poorest or most vulnerable.

Information is a valuable asset and blockchain technology is an ally for the diversification of data shared by dozens of users focused on the prevention of corruption, scams or the obstruction of the growth and development of the peoples.

The blockchains are articulated in such a way that they prevent the manipulation of the encrypted data and stored in thousands of computers at the same time. This stops the incursion of strangers or the loss of data by a cyber attack.

How does this fit in the fight against corruption? Blockchains simply allow all users access in real time, simultaneously and unaltered to documents or data. With this, there is no way to modify the data that has been loaded.

The blockchain technology represents an expeditious way to avoid or solve in record time any case of corruption, money laundering, real estate fraud, bribery, among others. The best of all is the opportunity that technological advances give citizens as monitors and control force against corruption.


Source: El País

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