More than 300 entrepreneurs were trained with Bancamiga

The forums designed to raise the capabilities of microentrepreneurs were held with the support of public and private organizations at the César Rengifo Theater, in Petare, and at the National Institute of Canalizations, in Chuao, Caracas

More than 300 people from the Capital District and the state of Miranda attended two forums of Bancamiga’s training program for entrepreneurs, which provides tools and supports participants to explore opportunities to develop sustainable business ideas, says a statement from the financial institution.

These training activities, organized with the support of public and private organizations, seek to strengthen the capabilities of microentrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, ratifying the bank’s social responsibility policy, established by the president of the Board of Directors of Bancamiga Banco Universal, Carmelo De Grazia, with the purpose of contributing to the economic development of the country.

At both meetings, Bancamiga’s Director of Social Responsibility, Milagro González, welcomed the participants, who were then able to listen to lectures by experts such as Mauricio Parilli, director of Aprendo y Emprendo, who spoke about the maturation and growth of ventures towards sustainability. The innovation coach, Luis Moreno, explained how knowing your customers allows you to increase business development.

Oskayda Alvarado, Entrepreneurship Manager at Bancamiga, presented the financing opportunities and the portfolio of products and services for small entrepreneurs. Likewise, on each day, there were talks dedicated to providing marketing keys and digital channels to boost sales.

Training from Petare to refine the microenterprise

One of the training sessions was held at the César Rengifo Theater, where about 250 Emprender Juntos participants gathered, who exceeded the capacity of this space located in the Historic Center of Petare, said Yoana Díaz Tovar, coordinator of this platform in the Sucre municipality of Miranda state.

“The expectations of this meeting are broad, strengthened by the private bank, which has taken us into account and is making firm alliances with entrepreneurs,” he celebrated.

The representative to the National Assembly for the state of Miranda, Gabriela Chacón, assured that the forum for entrepreneurs “is a luxury, because not all private banks have the intention or insistence to share the joint responsibility of promoting entrepreneurship.”

Bancamiga products and services

At the César Rengifo Theater, the forum participants benefited from an account opening operation to obtain the Mastercard Debit Card, the acquisition of Bancamiga Points of Sale and advice on the services that the bank offers to small business owners.

“Bancamiga is strengthening new entrepreneurs to get ahead in this economic situation. With this help, we can move forward with a business. The attention has been very good. We are very grateful for this opportunity that they give people to express themselves with their knowledge, put it to the test and take advantage of it, and no longer be dependent for having their own work alternative,” said Luis Noriega, gastronomic entrepreneur.

Dayana Ortega, who sells Creole chocolates and sweets, attended the forum to “take advantage of the Bancamiga event to open accounts and acquire products such as points of sale, with the full intention of strengthening our businesses and helping the people to continue undertaking, continue creating and continue believing in our country.”

Entrepreneur movement

The second training day for Bancamiga entrepreneurs took place in the Auditorium of the National Pipeline Institute, in Chuao, which brought together more than 100 representatives of the Manuelita Sáenz Women’s Movement and the Great Transportation Mission.

Eliana Salazar, president of the Manuelita Sáenz Women’s Movement, thanked the organized entrepreneurs for their support, through training “to nourish us, grow and transform us.” Likewise, he described the training day as an example of “integration” of public institutions and private companies.

The forum “has strengthened me a lot, because I had no knowledge in several subjects. This is nourishing me to consolidate my entrepreneurship and formalize it. It is very important to study to undertake. It is very important that the private banking sector supports us,” said Lenis Llamoza, entrepreneur in the gastronomic field.

“This day has been excellent, with a good team of trainers with a lot of information. I took all the tools with me, I didn’t know many points,” said Mary Moreno, who is dedicated to the production and marketing of Greek yogurt.

Mecelenia Ortiz, Training Coordinator of the Manuelita Sáenz Women’s Movement, said that the training activity represents “an important motivation, because the majority of the participants have already worked on their entrepreneurship ideas, they just require tools, knowledge so that they can elevate their production.”

With information from Bancamiga

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