Paraguay wants to have the largest mining farm in the world

The Blockchain Technology Foundation and the local government have everything prepared for the execution of a project for the production of cryptocurrencies

The government of the Republic of Paraguay has prepared, together with the Blockchain Technology Foundation, a project that will include the construction of a cryptocurrency mining farm.

This was indicated by local media, who detailed that both parties signed an association called “Golden Goose Project.”

This idea consists of using the Itaipu dam, which is the most powerful hydroelectric plant in the territory, for the construction of the largest cryptocurrency mining farm in the world.

This farm will be built in Ciudad del Este, located on the borders of Argentina and Brazil.

The Paraguayan government plans to deliver some 50 square kilometers of land near the Itaipu hydroelectric plant. This will guarantee that the space has electric service for 15 years.

K. Tovar

Source: PRN

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