Europe closes its borders for 30 days

The leaders of the G-7 promised on Monday to give a forceful response to slow the advance of the virus

In the current moments where the world is going through a pandemic that daily produces high rates of mortality and infection for coronavirus, the European Union has announced the temporary closure of its borders for about 30 days.

After the extraordinary summit was held by videoconference of the G-7 leaders, a communiqué from the leaders was published, stating that “COVID-19 pandemic is a human tragedy and a global health crisis, which also poses great risks to the world economy.

In accordance with this, the group claims to give “forceful responses” to the crisis in Europe, due to the indices reported by the European states. According to data from the World Health Organization, 61,073 cases have been infected, of which 2,711 have died. 

The latest balance sheets show that there are currently more deaths outside of China than within it, with European countries being more affected. In this sense, it has led to the population being confined to close its borders and decree a strict quarantine.

In Italy, the most affected country in Europe, the government asked for a “European coordination” in health and economy after the nation raised the death rate to 2,000, out of a total of 27,980 infected. The second country is Spain, which lives confined with 9,191 cases and 309 deaths. The government has decreed a State of Alert and imposed serious restrictions on the movement of people for at least 15 days. 


Source: bancaynegocios 

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