Trump will create committees for the revival of the US

The US president assured that in the coming weeks, ways will be found to return to normality due to the coronavirus situation

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, is working on the creation of one or more committees that will be in charge of the reactivation of the North American country in the coming weeks, when the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

“We have developed a committee. In reality, we call it a series of committees with the most outstanding people in the country, the most successful people in the various fields, and we will announce them tomorrow,” the president assured at a press conference.

Trump also noted that his team is debating a plan to open up some parts of the country, something he hopes will happen “quickly.”

“We will soon finish new and very important recommendations to give the governors the information they need to safely begin an opening of their states”, he said.

This week, the president had already assured that it is up to him and not to the state governors to decide on the lifting of the measures adopted to contain the outbreak, which limit economic activity and with which the president has not always agreed.

K. Tovar

Source: Irispress Magazine

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