El Salvador and Bank of the Future sign Bitcoin investment alliance

After a negotiation that took eight months, El Salvador has established an alliance with the Bank of Future to launch investment plans based on Bitcoin and blockchain technology

After negotiations that lasted almost eight months, the alliance between El Salvador and the Bank of the Future investment platform was finally signed for the development of investments in Bitcoin, as well as various plans to boost the country’s economy through blockchain technology.

Nayib Bukele, president of the Central American country, met with the CEO of Bank for the Future, Simon Dixon, to sign an alliance that includes “financing companies that are experiencing financial problems through Bitcoin, the main and most capitalized cryptocurrency in the market”.

Both Dixon and Bukele are enthusiastic about cryptocurrency adoption. In the opinion of the CEO of the platform, Bitcoin “can contribute to its plans to grow the banking sector related to crypto assets, to offer different services and financial products based on this and other cryptocurrencies to its customers and users.”

On the other hand, Dixon has stressed that once Bank of the Future is officially installed in El Salvador, they could create new jobs, through hiring processes related to offers of innovative services in cryptocurrencies to the population, entrepreneurs and companies.


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Source: bit2me

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