Earnings from cryptocurrency exchanges reached record levels in February

During the month of February, various cryptocurrency exchanges such as Deribit, Coinbase and Greeks.live experienced the best performances

Trading of cryptocurrency platforms such as Deribit, Coinbase and Greeks.live reached a record level in February this year, according to recent reports.

The aforementioned cryptocurrency exchange platforms gave record transaction referrals in the month that just ended. Deribit, in fact, “experienced multiple trading records on its platform, with cryptocurrency options and futures trading seeing open interest surpass an all-time high of $29 billion.”

There are records of the assets of the clients of the platform at a maximum of USD 4 billion. For its part, “the company’s 24-hour volume of operations reached 12.4 billion dollars, another historical high.”

Similarly, Coinbase Institutional announced on its X account that its futures exchange in the United States reached a record amount on February 29, which it defined as “the second-best day in its history, with a notional volume traded of approximately $380 million in bitcoin and ether contracts.”

“Coinbase Derivatives is committed to fostering a fair, transparent, trustworthy and efficient market for a diverse set of participants,” they said.

The Greeks.live platform recorded a record daily volume through its platform, reaching USD 620 million in options volume.


Source: cripto247

(Reference image source: Kanchanara at Unsplash)

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