Cybercriminals take advantage of the success of “The Squid Game” to create malware

Cybercriminals are taking advantage to create rogue applications of South Korean production and infect the Android devices of users who download them

ESET’s threat analysis specialist, Lukas Stefanko, has indicated that cybercriminals managed to place a malicious application on Google Play called the same as the Netflix series and with the same image. Although it has already been withdrawn unfortunately users could still download it through unofficial channels.

To commit the scam they impersonated the name of a company that specializes in creating wallpapers for mobile series and movies, which makes many users fall into the trap and download it believing that it is a verified app.

In addition, the fact that there are files with the icon of the famous game doll once it has been installed on the device, has convinced many users that it was a verified application.

Variant of the “Joker” malware

Stefanko classified this malware as “Joker”, which is one of the most common and dangerous banking Trojans out there. It’s a malicious software recorded and registered since 2017.

This is responsible for modifying the telephone billing services to make charges, authorize monetary operations and subscribe to payment services without the consent or knowledge of the victim.

Since “Joker” is known, Google eliminated nearly 1,700 applications with these characteristics from its download application Play Store, according to the cybersecurity company ESET in a statement.

Source: elsumario

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