Cyberattacks drop more than 50% in July

Security company Check Point detected the decline after finding 61,000 virus-related attacks

Cyberattacks related to the coronavirus have dropped more than 50% in the month of July compared to the previous month, according to the security company Check Point, which nevertheless has warned of the growth of threats from new domains about the vaccine against the virus.

The number of attacks related to Covid-19 decreased significantly in July, when an average of almost 61,000 weekly attacks related to the virus were detected, representing a decrease of more than 50% compared to June figures (130,000 attacks weekly).

Check Point has also warned, in a statement sent to Europa Press, about the growth of new web domains of pages related to the coronavirus vaccine, which have doubled between June and July.

Likewise, this has led to threats such as a malspam campaign, which has been carried out with the subject of the email: “URGENT INFORMATION LETTER: COVID-19 NEW VACCINES APPROVED.”

More than 90% of attacks against companies are initiated from malicious email, and these threats often involve the human factor, as the cybersecurity company has concluded.

Source: dpa

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