Blockchain technology will be used in the health sector in Mexico

The new digital ecosystem, Teeb.Health, is a platform developed by Mexican doctors and technicians

Teeb.Health, is a Mexican platform for digital health care, developed under blockchain technology, by technicians and doctors from that country in a period of two years, through which health specialists, patients, hospitals and pharmacies, can carry out processes virtually, such as: issuing prescriptions, medical records, consultations, among others.

The initiative arises from the need to maintain the social distancing caused by Covid-19, something that has generated the adoption of new technologies, in medical consultation and in digital prescription.

However, one of the challenges faced by this technological initiative is to adapt to the current legal framework regarding the issuance of prescriptions and medical records, without putting the identity and privacy of patients at risk.

Regarding this, Fernando Pardeiro, CEO and founder of the platform, assures that they are working “from current health regulations, such as the use of digital prescriptions, which is already a system used in Mexico to provide security to the user (… ) The challenge is focused on people, in transmitting to the patient that he has to have control of his health and universalize the clinical record ”.

Cardiologist Sergio Ayuzo maintains that: “Concentrating the clinical information of patients in a single, safe and easily accessible space results in more efficient communication between doctors and patients, which helps the former to have better control of the time dedicated to prevention and to the timely and intelligent attention of the seconds ”.


Source: cointelegraph

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