Tim Berners-Lee doesn’t trust Web3

The founder of the World Wide Web said that he does not have much confidence in Web3 for decentralization

The computer scientist and father of the World Wide Web (WWW), Tim Berners-Lee, stated that he does not trust Web3 for the decentralization of the web and insisted on his personal project Solid as a solution so that information is no longer in hands of certain technological platforms.

Berners-Lee recently pointed out at the Web Summit conference in Lisbon (Portugal) that technology companies “control the world and manipulate people by providing them with information”, in statements to EuroNews Next, in which he acknowledged that currently “there are many things that are wrong on the web”.

The scientist has spent years trying to create a free and decentralized web where information is open and does not depend on large technology companies. Precisely, Web3 advocates this characteristic of open infrastructure, with open source software, so that all users can participate in its development.

It should be remembered in this sense that within Web3 the application of the blockchain for the democratization of the web, the metaverse and the use of non-fungible tokens, better known as NFT, coexist.

However, the creator of the WWW believes that the blockchain is not the solution to this problem and that one must “understand what the terms” that are being discussed really mean, beyond the buzzwords.

“It is a real shame that the Ethereum people have taken the name of Web3 for the things they are doing with the blockchain. In fact, Web3 is not the web at all,” criticized the expert.

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Source: dpa

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