Customer needs drive digitization in Venezuela

The progress in the digital offer of services, particularly in the banking sector, is driven by the requirements of customers, particularly young people and pensioners

As technology imposes new modalities in services, citizens make it clear what they need. The banking sector is where the importance of digitization is most evident.

The Venezuelan banking context is marked by two segments that increasingly make it clearer what they want. Pensioners and young people, who have benefited from an acceleration and opening in terms of banking and the offer of new payment mechanisms.

Digital transactions have been gaining ground, in the midst of a dollarized market. But this is not a problem for the citizen, since most of the banks already offer the purchase and exchange of currencies, as well as the reception of remittances.

Changes in terms of digitization are not aimed at losing contact with customers, but rather at offering faster, more reliable, safer, and more efficient mechanisms.

With the support of the Superintendency of Institutions of the Banking Sector of Venezuela (Sudeban), the entity that regulates banking activity in the country, banks have made great strides to adapt to the new global financial reality, hand in hand with technology. Now the offer of digital services is broader.

Said services are designed taking as a reference what the client needs in terms of means of payment in daily life, payments for national and international services via the Internet, exchange mechanisms, among others.


Source: eluniversal

(Reference image source: Sweet Life, Unsplash)

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