Chile and Israel sign cybersecurity agreement

Both countries seek to strengthen and promote bilateral cooperation in the areas of mobile communications

After the recent attacks on the security of banking platforms in Chile, such as the case of Banco Consorcio, the South American country decided to establish a strategic alliance with Israel in the area of ​​cybersecurity.

This was announced on Tuesday by spokespersons of the Undersecretariat of Telecommunications (Subtel in Spanish), a body under the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications of Chile.

The agreement signed by Under Secretary Pamela Gidi, and the Israeli Minister of Telecommunications, Ayoob Kara, foresees fundamental aspects such as the promotion and deepening of bilateral cooperation in mobile communications.

Both nations will work in areas such as spectrum management and monitoring, development of a terrestrial and maritime fiber optic network for high-speed Internet service, development of a new industrial scenario in the field of ICT, Internet of Things (IoT) and regulation of big data, net neutrality, among others.

Of course, the agreement includes the exchange of information, joint development of projects, co-financing for cooperation centers and information structures.


Source: FayerWayer

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