Cryptocurrency Omicron increases its value by 950 %

The factor that drove the value of the omicron cryptocurrency in the market was its coincidence in the name of the variant of the coronavirus that emerged in South Africa

The cryptocurrency omicron registered an increase in its price of more than 950 % in the last two days after the media focus was raised on the new variant of the coronavirus that emerged in South Africa and named in the same way.

During the early hours of this Monday, November 29, the cryptocurrency reached a price of 689.12 dollars (615 euros), compared to the 65.11 dollars (58.1 euros) for which it was traded at night between Friday and Saturday. This represents an increase of 958% in less than three days.

Throughout the day on Monday, the price set by the digital currency fell slightly to around $ 605. But, it still registers a 65.3% rise compared to Sunday.

Omicron variant boosted price of the same-named crypto

The CoinGecko portal said with this increase, the valuation of the total units of this cryptocurrency in circulation climbed to 628.2 million dollars (556.6 million euros).

According to the documentation of the digital currency, this is a variant of the crypto olympus and works on the Arbitrum network, which simultaneously uses the Ethereum network as its base. The development team is anonymous.


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