considers alliance with stablecoins

The company provides 32 million digital coin wallets

Peter Smith, the CEO of, recently said in an interview that the cryptocurrency wallet provider is trying to partner with a stablecoin project, still unnamed by the end of 2019.

Most of the wallets that the firm provides are active for the date. Also, the company seems to be evaluating the possibility of including a stablecoin in its platform.

The executive stressed that there is an intense competition within the framework of the stablecoins and that this aspect can stimulate the activity of the market. As a result, the consortium he represents will move there soon. In addition, he clarified that is not intended to invest in bitcoin.

However, Smith did not offer more details about the alliance that the company plans. What he did mention was that had previously invested in several projects related to stable currencies that have not been made public so far.

In addition, he stressed that the main stablecoins are Tether (USDT) and Paxos (PAX), the last being the largest volume of operations and with the highest liquidity.


Source: Coincrispy

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