Cavecom-e organizes the II International Congress of E-Commerce Venezuela 2021

The event will take place within the framework of the activities of the "Electronic Commerce Week", on November 24 and 25, virtually and free of charge for 3000 participants

On November 24 and 25, the II International Congress of E-Commerce Venezuela 2021 will be held. It is a virtual event with free access, organized by the Cámara Venezolana de Comercio Electrónico (Cavecom-e) under the auspices of the Consejo Nacional del Comercio y los Servicios (Consecomercio).

“Our mission is to promote and promote a true digital economy, which is why this second edition is an opportunity to continue building it, not only in our country but throughout the region. The digital ecosystem shows that it is possible to transcend borders with cutting-edge ideas and developments”, highlights Richard Ujueta Contreras, president of Cavecom-e.

The activity will bring together 20 high-level speakers from 7 countries for two days. Likewise, 15 success stories of national and international companies will be presented. The development of the Congress can be seen through the Cavecom-e platform by 3000 participants, previously registered through

“The II International Congress is more than a meeting place for e-commerce professionals, it is also a key that opens doors to the world of opportunities and business. A space to connect with customers and suppliers”, adds José Yvan Bohórquez, director of digital media at Cavecom-e.

Global vision

This meeting will deal with topics like entrepreneurship and international leverage, mobile technologies and innovation; delivery and logistics; distance education and legal matters.

In the areas of administration and finance, the B2B & B2C models, means of payment (Fintech) and the role that cryptocurrencies play in electronic business models will be addressed.

The meeting will emphasize the need for “digital transformation”, which includes the digital citizen, the electronic invoice, the digital notary, the digital company and digital accounts. In the same way, the subject of taxes, formal Zelle duties and double taxation will be exposed, as well as adhesion contracts and trademarks.

The Congress is sponsored by REM Marketing, Banco Plaza, Barracuda, Mercado Libre, 1000 Pagos and Digo.

For more details on the activities agenda you can visit the site and follow them on Instagram: @cavecom_e.

With information from Cavecom-e

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