Caracas Stock Exchange will issue 6 million shares

The stock exchange institution held an extraordinary shareholders meeting this Wednesday

This Wednesday, April 10, the Caracas Stock Exchange approved the company’s capital increase, through the issuance of 6 million common, nominative, non-convertible bearer shares, which represents 12 % of the total shares. outstanding shares.

These shares must be subscribed by the company’s shareholders, contemplating the possibility of negotiating the subscription rights at the BVC listing board.

At the extraordinary shareholders meeting, the issuance of 500 thousand additional shares, equivalent to 1 % of the shares in circulation, was also approved, which will be allocated to the employee share plan, as a compensation and savings mechanism for the employees of the Caracas Stock Exchange. With this bread of actions we seek to “generate a sense of belonging and set an example to the market about the benefits of this practice for companies, their employees and society in general,” expressed its president Horacio Velutini.

The funds received from this issuance of shares will be used to cover the investments that the company is making, in the renovation of facilities, updating of modules and equipment, website and social networks. In addition, it is planned to invest resources in software, for the incorporation of applications used in portable devices for consulting, quoting and routing orders, in the SIBE Smart, and thus be able to bring the market closer to a generation of young people who use technology in their daily life.

The proposed items on the agenda of the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of the Caracas Stock Exchange were approved by 99.69% of those attending, represented by 38,278,728 shares.

IBC closed 60,564.84 (+2.72%)

The main index of the Caracas Stock Exchange, the IBC, ended this Wednesday at 60,564.84 points with a variation of 1,604.90 points (+2.72 %), compared to the previous session.

The Diario de la Bolsa reports that the Financial Index ended the day at 111,257.62 points, with an absolute variation of 3,534.98 points (+3.28 %) and the Industrial Index closed at 28,435.27 points (+1.03 %).

At the end of the session, 7 stocks rose in price, 8 fell and 7 remained stable.

There were 114 purchase/sale operations of shares of companies registered on the listing board, in which 447,644 shares were traded for 332,432 bolivars.

In the forward market, 4,892 shares were traded for an amount of 77,976 bolivars.

In the BVC Alternativo, 1 share was traded for 120 bolivars.

In the Other Goods Market, 5 stock market financing certificates were registered for 1 million 732 thousand 518 bolivars.


With information and image from the Caracas Stock Exchange

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