Chile Telethon accepts donations with cryptocurrencies

CryptoMKT decided to accept donations in cryptocurrencies, especially from people living abroad. The exchange won't charge commission and promises to deliver 100% to the charity

Chile’s Telethon is the most important event in November. It is organized to support children with disabilities. It is a televised charity event that takes place since 1978, in which funds are collected that are used for the treatment of children with motor disabilities and for the construction of Institutes of Child Rehabilitation (IRI).

This year, the Telethon will be held on November 30th and December 1st, but the promotion activities and the collection of the money have already begun. People can cooperate with the charity by paying with cryptocurrencies, so Chileans living abroad can give their grain of sand without the cumbersome banking transactions.

The platform of CryptoMKT opened the possibility of contributing from now through crypts. The aid can be provided with bitcoin, ethereum, stellar lumens and EOS cryptocurrencies in a simple way by means of a transfer to the corresponding wallets published in Transfers will be exempt from fees, since CryptoMKT will be responsible for all costs of the transaction.

As announced by the exchange, all the contributions received in cryptographic currencies will be converted into Chilean pesos and the total collected will be delivered to the Bank of Chile’s Telethon account. The conversion will be made through a sales order that is not subject to tariff, 100% of the proceeds will be deposited to the foundation.

With the digital currencies, an inclusive financial system is made available, which increases the capacity of attracting resources for the Telethon, using this new reality to encourage more people to collaborate.


Source: DiarioBitcoin

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