Bancamiga strengthens its technological line by incorporating Contactless

The Bancamiga Points of Sale will have the new Contactless method, which allows you to pay for products or services just by bringing your card closer

Thinking of customers and more opportunities for consumers, Bancamiga offers Contactless, a new payment method at Bancamiga Points of Sale to sell without contact, a fast and secure way to make transactions, the financial institution explained in a statement.

Contactless payment is a communication technology that makes it easy to pay by simply bringing the card closer to the points of sale. It is a process as safe as doing it with a chip card, but more agile and practical, it adds the information.

Currently, only the institution has this facility on the market through the Bancamiga AMP 3000, AMP 7000, AMP 8000 and AMP 9000 Points of Sale, which allows merchants to boost their business.

Bancamiga is the second bank with the largest number of points of sale in the market, with more than 93,500, through which merchants, in addition to receiving their settlement 365 days a year, can offer customers the possibility of recharging Digitel, Movistar, Movilnet, Inter and Simple TV, pay the Cantv bill, seal the 5Y6 and play El Andinito of the Lotería del Táchira.”

As well as massifying their profits by receiving commissions, which in the case of Inter is 2 %, Simple TV 2.50 %, Digitel 3 %, Cantv 3 %, Movilnet 4.31 %, Movistar 4.33 %, INH 5 % and El Andinito 5 %.

Technological innovation

The Executive President of Bancamiga, Ariel Martínez, affirmed that the incorporation of Contactless payment reaffirms the innovative and disruptive spirit of Bancamiga, which celebrated its first 15 years in March, demonstrating its desire to change the way of doing things in a complex, competitive and challenging environment.

To activate the Contactless payment method in the Bancamiga POS, the following steps must be followed:

  • Enter Bancamiga online in POS Management
  • Select all options and click ‘Save’
  • Update your Bancamiga Point of Sale equipment
  • Click on your computer model.

For now, the service will only work with Mastercard cards that have this technology.

With information from Bancamiga

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