Spanish authorities detect scams with aid to Syria and Turkey

Cybercriminals scam those who want to send aid to Syria and Turkey after the earthquake

The humanitarian crisis caused by the recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria has awakened the desire of thousands of people around the world to collaborate. Digital criminals are on the prowl to seize the funds.

According to authorities in Spain, those sending aid to earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria are currently facing criminals posing as charity staff to steal the aid money.

According to the source Bitdefender Atispam Lab, donors receive the fraudulent message with the following text: “We are launching support to the people of Turkey and Syria who have been severely affected by the ongoing earthquake, this has displaced many families and children, leaving them homeless. The Wladimir Foundation has taken it upon itself to provide first-hand assistance on the ground to help as many people as possible. We urge you to make a donation to the victims.”

It is a fake charity, which also accepts transfers through cryptographic wallets. Other scams target platforms such as PayPal, with deceptive links for fundraising.


Source: 20minutos

(Reference image source: Hack Capital, Unsplash)

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