US Treasury Secretary calls for more support from Ukraine

Janet Yellen called on all international partners to provide more economic aid to Ukraine

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called on all international partners to increase their financial support for Ukraine, stressing that the support given to date “will not be enough.”

“I sincerely ask our partners to increase their economic support to Ukraine. Our joint efforts are critical to help Ukrainian democracy prevail over Putin’s aggression,” Yellen said in her speech on the sidelines of the Brussels Economic Forum.

The US Treasury Secretary spoke about the “immediate” financing needs of Ukraine are “significant”, since the country needs economic endowment to “pay soldiers, employees and pensioners” as well as to keep its economy running to “meet the basic needs of citizens”.

To this count, Yellen focused on Ukraine’s financing needs in terms of private investment to finance reconstruction and recovery “similar to the task of rebuilding Europe after 1945, for which she has emphasized that bilateral and multilateral support that has been announced “will not be enough” to cover Ukraine’s needs, “even in the short term”.

The Secretary of the Treasury indicated that the President of the United States, Joe Biden, requested from Congress an economic endowment of 1,000 million dollars for humanitarian, economic and security aid and has expressed the will of the North American administration to economically isolate Russia.

Source: dpa

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