Bancamiga and Senos Ayuda join forces in tennis against breast cancer

The competition will take place from October 5 to 20 and Bancamiga will be present in the matches that will be played on various fields in the capital

Bancamiga joins the fight against breast cancer by sponsoring the first edition of the Copa Senos Ayuda, a historic national tennis competition that will take place on several courts in Caracas, to promote campaigns to raise awareness among the population about the importance of breast cancer. early detection of this disease.

With the motto “#AceAlCáncerDeMama”, the tournament will be held from October 5 to 20 and Bancamiga will be present in the matches that will be held in spaces such as the Táchira Club, the German Venezuelan Club, the Venezuelan Canary Home, the Valle Arriba Golf Club and the Venezuelan Tennis Federation.

Every October 19, International Breast Cancer Day is commemorated and activities related to this date extend throughout the month, to raise awareness among more people about the most common cancer and the main cause of mortality in women. Worldwide.

Bancamiga’s social responsibility management, sensitive to social causes and committed to the human development of Venezuelans, contributes to the Senos Ayuda tennis tournament, which since 1999 has served the needs of women and family members affected by breast cancer. Likewise, it works to educate about the importance of early detection.

Early and timely attention

The chance of surviving breast cancer increases when the diagnosis is made in the initial stages and treatment is timely.

Breast self-examination, annual clinical review and diagnostic exams are the three allies to detect breast cancer in time, a condition that affects people of all ages.

Although women are most at risk, men can suffer from breast cancer, so they should also perform a self-examination and consult a specialist if they notice any changes in their chest.

Doctors recommend that to avoid this and other diseases, you must lead a healthy lifestyle.

Warning signs

Among the common symptoms associated with breast cancer are lumps, nodules or thickenings in the breast; swollen glands near the armpit or swelling in the arms; changes in the breast in terms of color, size, texture, shape or appearance.

Other warning signs are redness of the skin, the formation of a depression or wrinkles in the breast; discharge from the nipple; pain or discomfort in the breast; nipple inversion or retraction; peeling, crusting and peeling of the skin from the breast.

With information and images provided by Bancamiga

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