Meta subscription cost could be 13 euros

Due to the requirements of the European Union regarding advertising, Meta could have such a fee to access its platforms

Meta plans to implement a new subscription system, with which Instagram and Facebook users will have to pay up to 13 euros to access their services without ads and personalized advertising content from their mobile phones.

The company seeks to align with the requirements imposed by the Digital Services Act (DSA), which came into force at the end of last August and which prohibits platforms from presenting advertisements based on the use of personal data, especially to minors.

With the introduction of this regulation, Meta will have to request users’ consent to display personalized ads, until now its main source of income, which could be threatened by the impositions of the European Union.

Sources related to the company announced a month ago that it was preparing a payment option to maintain part of this income, by offering Facebook and Instagram in a paid version without ads. In this way, the technology company could comply with EU regulations.

However, these people close to the company confirmed that Meta intends to continue offering free versions of Facebook and Instagram with ads in member countries, as it has done until now.

A Meta spokesperson has now confirmed that while the company believes in “free services supported by personalized ads“, it is considering options to ensure the requirements of European regulation are met.

This newspaper has specified what the prices of the payment option mentioned in September will be and has indicated that the company would charge around 10.50 dollars (about 10 euros) per month for using a Facebook or Instagram account in its Desktop version, and about six euros for each additional account linked, according to people related to Meta.

Source: dpa

(Referential image source: Austin Distel, Unsplash)

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