The realme Buds T100 headphones arrive with environmental noise cancellation

The new realme Buds T100 headphones, which are already available in Spain, offer environmental noise cancellation and 28 hours of playback

The new realme Buds T100 wireless headphones have arrived in Spain, which use an algorithm to offer cancellation of environmental noise and offer up to 28 hours of pre-production.

Realme has highlighted the Two Tone Hit design concept of the Buds T100, which shows a contrast of black and yellow colors between the exterior and interior of the charging case. These are also lightweight headphones (4.1 grams each), which allow a more precise fit with the three sizes of pads that accompany them.

To improve sound quality and bass stability, they are equipped with a 10mm pad, and support AAC high-quality audio thanks to a coding algorithm that ensures a better listening experience.

The realme Buds T100 offer three custom equalization modes, which can be found on the realme Link: in bright mode, the voice is clearer; with the balanced mode you can see a balance between the mids, bass and treble; and with the bass boost mode you will hear stronger and more intense bass.

The realme Buds T100 also incorporate Game Mode, with which latency is reduced to 88ms, which allows you to enjoy a gaming experience with very fluid audio, which is not compatible with the iOS operating system, as realme has clarified in a press release.

Likewise, these headphones have an AI ENC environmental noise cancellation algorithm. This system is composed of a unique microphone that improves sound pickup and reduces noise from the surrounding environment during calls. It also provides voice isolation so that the recipient of the call hears better even in a noisy environment.

These new realme headphones also allow you to activate the ‘Volume Enhancer’ mode that increases the volume of the headphones from 97 dB to 102 dB. With it, the bass will be more powerful and the voices will be higher.

The realme Buds T100 have support for Bluetooth 5.3, with a transmission distance of up to ten meters, and offer up to 28 hours of playback with the case charge, while the earbuds alone offer six hours of playback, or calls up to five. hours.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: dpa, credit Realme, Europa Press)

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