Artificial Intelligence Congress in Venezuela will be on September 23

The Artificial Intelligence Congress in Venezuela will take place on September 23 on Sucre Boulevard in the El Hatillo municipality

On October 23, the Artificial Intelligence Congress will be held in Venezuela, on Sucre Boulevard in the El Hatillo municipality.

According to information provided by the mayor of the area, Elías Sayegh, this event will be a unique opportunity for professionals from “different productive and economic sectors in the country: business, industrial, banking, communications, health, technology, among others.”

The official stressed that “artificial intelligence represents a great opportunity; “Above all, for the country’s economic sectors to advance in the digital era that is sweeping the world, despite the structural damage to the Venezuelan economy.”

The congress agenda includes topics such as intelligent assistants and bots, in addition to AI applied in key areas such as health. Likewise, the “risks of AI with respect to fake news, legal regulation, digital government as a tool in the development of public policies, smart and sustainable cities and new business models adapted to the digital era” will be addressed.

This activity will be free of charge and attendees will be able to visit the stands of various national companies linked to the technology area.

Sayegh recognized the different problems that the country is going through, the economic, political and social aspects. However, he admitted that AI represents a fundamental pillar to find solutions to these crises.


With information from national media

(Reference image source: Unsplash, in collaboration with Getty Images)

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