Developed messaging app with blockchain technology

ySign is an application that ensures to protect the information of each user without having to request their personal data

People always seek to be communicated through social networks that in turn protect their security and privacy, something that has been altered lately with recent scandals such as Facebook, which has driven the creation of ySign.

It is a messaging system that ensures the protection of user data with tools “impenetrable for hackers and malicious attacks of any kind.”

In addition, it is created to not use centralized server, like other platforms, but is based on blockchain technology to transport and distribute messages. So they assure users an app with total privacy.

On the other hand, and seeking to respect personal information, this app does not require specific and private data such as emails or validation through other social networks; ySign only asks for the creation of a username and password for the registration.

The information that must be sent will be made directly by the identification of each person in the app. From there, each one decides whether to save the messages on their device or delete them.

To create an account in ySign it is necessary to pay with cryptocurrencies, specifically with XEM and ETH

A. Rodríguez

Source: AE Tecno.

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