ARM works on a self-developed chip

Sources close to processor maker ARM have told the Financial Times that the company is working on a proprietary chip based on the RISC architecture

Component and processor designer ARM Holdings is preparing its own “most advanced” semiconductor prototype, work for which it will partner with manufacturing partners, sources close to the company have told the Financial Times.

ARM Holdings is currently developing the RISC architecture – for Reduced Instruction Set Computer –, which is used in stand-alone units and can be found in portable electronic devices.

This indicates that, traditionally, it has sold its designs to chip manufacturers, instead of “getting directly involved in the development and production of semiconductors”, as the Financial Times recalls.

This will soon change since, according to this same newspaper, it plans to show “the capabilities of its designs to a broader market.” After carrying out a series of product tests together with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) and Samsung, in the last six months it would have been working on a “more advanced” chip.

To do this, ARM has created a solutions engineering team, which will lead the development of these platform prototypes for mobile terminals, computers, laptops and other electronic devices; a job for which it plans to collaborate with manufacturing partners, according to sources connected to the company.

They have also indicated that the company will continue to focus its efforts on improving the performance and security of the designs, as well as strengthening developer access to its products.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Vishnu Mohanan, Unsplash)

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