The United States creates a task force to analyze the impact of AI on national security

The country, through the Department of Homeland Security, will analyze the implications of AI in this key area

The rapid technological advancement based on Artificial Intelligence and its implication in national security worries the United States. In this sense, they have created a special department for their study.

The secretary of the Department of National Security Alejandro Mayorkas spoke about the creation of this new section, which responds to the rapid progress in new developments based on AI that could have implications for the country’s security.

According to Mayorkas, AI has the ability to alter the threat landscape, so it is necessary to move at the same speed to protect the nation.

The work of this department will be focused on “how to integrate AI into the supply chain and border trade management, counter the flow of fentanyl into the United States, and apply technology to digital forensic tools to counter child exploitation and abuse.”

Mayorkas recalled the recent call by Elon Musk and other experts to slow down the rapid development of AI. He also talked about generative AI, which uses machine learning models to generate responses to user requests, as well as believable images. All of this could have underlying national security implications.


Source: hoycripto

(Reference image source: Ian Hutchinson, Unsplash)

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