Argentine police intercepted smuggling of cryptocurrency mining equipment

The Mendoza Police seized smuggling of cryptocurrency miners valued at one million dollars

In Argentina, the Mendoza Police intercepted a smuggling of cryptocurrency mining equipment valued at one million dollars that entered from Chile in a truck with fake license plates.

The shipment consisted of 300 boxes of Chinese origin for mining coins based on PoW algorithms like Bitcoin, but it did not have the necessary documentation for its legal importation into the country.

The recipient of the shipment could not justify its origin and is under police investigation. This type of smuggling is common in Argentina due to high tax rates and the difficulty of legally importing these products.

The Argentine customs retained the entire cargo and filed a criminal complaint for the crime of smuggling before the respective court of the locality.

Smuggling of cryptocurrency mining equipment has also been a problem in Argentina, where the lack of regulation has led to an increase in illegal trade of cryptocurrencies and equipment for their mining.

K. Tovar

Source: Cointelegraph

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