TikTok will allow charging for exclusive content

The entertainment platform announced the launch of Series, which will allow exclusive content

TikTok announced a new feature called Series, which allows content creators to get paid to offer exclusive video collections to users of the platform.

In the middle of last February, The Information announced that the company owned by TikTok, ByteDance, was considering introducing a payment feature that would allow content producers to charge an amount to access a certain video.

According to statements collected by Engadget, TikTok did not confirm this functionality, but did insist that it was “committed” to devising new ways to make its service “valuable and rewarding” for these types of users.

The Chinese company has now launched Series, a feature that will allow users to “build even stronger relationships with their viewers while giving viewers another way to support creators”.

So, that these content creators can share “authentic stories, knowledge and experiences”, the platform has made Series available to them, a tool that allows them to create collections of premium content.

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Source: Semana

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