Xiaomi works on 200W fast charging

The Chinese company spoke about the new system and about the official launch, which is scheduled for next year

Xiaomi introduced its 200W fast charging system for smartphones in May and although it has not been incorporated into the brand’s latest flagship device, Mix 4, the company will start mass production next year.

The new generation of Xiaomi’s HyperCharge fast charge is capable of charging a 4,000mA wired battery at full 200W in 8 minutes, and wirelessly at 120W in 15 minutes.

The company highlighted this solution with a customized version of the Mi 11 Pro, but at the moment it has not been introduced in any commercial device, not even in the Mix 4 that was recently presented and that integrates the 120W fast cable charging solution.

The company plans to start mass production of the 200W fast charge next year, according to MyDrivers, where they also point out that it could come with the Mix 5 if they keep the family. However, the 120W wireless charging would not be that advanced.

K. Tovar

Source: dpa

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