Argentina authorizes cross-border payments through Bitcoins

The Masventas bank announced to its clients the transactions will start May 28th

The Argentinian Bank Masventas reported that from the end of May it will authorize the sending of cross-border payments with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency after a partnership with Bitex, a company focused on this market in Latin America.

From the beginning the bank has stated that customers will not own Bitcoins. Digital currencies will simply be used as a means of cross-border payments, in a quest to reduce costs in services in addition to optimizing their digital commerce mechanisms.

Hiring Bitex has been a strategic step to offer its client portfolio a platform for payments and collections operations abroad. It’s a transparent, fast process, with a recognized intermediary based on blockchain technology.

The banking sector is one of the most proactive on the way to the digitalization of finance. Technological innovation offers platforms that promote trade and offer solutions to the parties involved.

Daily advances soon become a reliable tool for the transformation of traditional finance into a dynamic ecosystem, where the immediacy and efficiency of the systems prevail.


Source: Criptotradingesp

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