Bancamiga was ranked in the top ten of the most profitable banks in the first half of 2020

Banco Universal was positioned among the ten most profitable financial institutions in the country and encouraged by the trust of its customers, it offers new products and services to facilitate the commercial transactions of its allies

Bancamiga Banco Universal was located in the top ten of the most profitable banks in the first semester, among which entities such as Banesco, Banco del Sur, Banco de Venezuela, Banco Provincial, Banco Nacional de Crédito, Banco Mercantil and Banco Venezolano de Crédito also stand out.

The accounts in foreign currency, as well as the versatility of its points of sale have contributed to the impulse and continuity of the business, which has always been oriented to satisfy the demands and needs of the public, said its spokespersons.

“To optimize our services, we created a currency exchange module that accompanies the exchange desk. This module allows our clients to request exchange between Cash and Foreign Currency accounts and is the ideal complement for the purchase and sale of dollars and euros. In this way, those who have the Foreign Currency account and the Cash Account can make transfers between the two”, explained Alberto De Armas, executive president of Bancamiga.

Both the Foreign Currency account and the Cash Account are associated with the International Debit Card, which is accepted at all points of sale in Venezuela, as well as at international ATMs.

“The innovations made in our products, as well as the imminent launch of the versatile AMP8000 point of sale are a reality thanks to the effort and commitment of our collaborators, who meet the proposed objectives working from the institution’s headquarters or remotely from their homes,” added De Armas.

During this period of prevention and isolation as a result of Covid-19, a pandemic that has affected the entire world, Bancamiga has complied with all security protocols to protect the work team and ensure the continuity of operations with well-being and in a satisfactory way.

“We want to send a message to our clients: we take maximum care of ourselves in order to maintain the quality of our service and provide security and tranquility to all those who have trusted us and are part of our family,” said the executive president of the institution.

With information from Bancamiga

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