James Rodriguez will launch his own cryptocurrency

The Colombian footballer announced through social networks that the launch will be on May 27th

Colombian footballer James Rodríguez announced that he will have his own cryptocurency: the JR10 Tokens, after an agreement with the blockchain SelfSell. The launch will be next May 27th as a preparation for the 2018 World Cup that begins on June 14th.

The “10th” of the Colombian team currently at Bayern Munich and winner of the Golden Boot at the 2014 World Cup is scoring in the world of digital currencies under the slogan “Value Yourself, value the future” as the beginning of creation of his own brand.

The SelfSell blockchain seeks to create an asset platform that is centered on the human being. They consider citizens have the right to have a personal cryptocurrency and the benefits that this provides.

About the JR10 tokens, those interested in acquiring the cryptocurrency of the Colombian goalscorer will enjoy various and exclusive benefits, such as acquisition of the soccer player souvenirs, access to meetings of their fan clubs, among others.

With this initiative, the Colombian footballer will be involved in multiple promotional activities and will also achieve greater approach with his followers, media, football clubs, which will boost his personal brand and the global football market.


Source: Forbes Mexico

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