Apple Watch will register temperature and blood glucose

Concerning 2021 models, it was announced that they will feature faster processors and better wireless connectivity and a new display

The new Aplple Watch smartwatch, which will be launched in 2022, will include sensors to measure body temperature. In addition, the company is working on the inclusion of a device that will allow the calculation of blood sugar levels in the future.

Different sources highlight that the technology company had planned to incorporate a temperature sensor into the 2021 model, although currently the company’s plans are focused on launching a new model with temperature sensors by 2022.

The company has been working for years on sensors that allow measuring blood glucose levels through the skin, trying to design a minimally invasive system that will be aimed primarily at those who suffer from diabetes, although there is still no precision of when would go on the market.

Meanwhile, some unofficial information indicates that Samsung already has an optical sensor incorporated in its next smartwatch model that will allow measuring glucose levels without punctures or pain.

New features

For this year, Apple plans the Apple Watch Series 7 line. For these models the company carried out tests with thinner screen edges and closer to the front developed with a new lamination technique.

These devices will include faster processors, excellent wireless connectivity and a new display. The watch could be a somewhat thicker overall size, but almost imperceptible to users.

M. Rodríguez

With information from news agencies and social networks

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