Amazon presents new Alexa app for Xbox consoles

The exclusive application for the video game service is repowered and includes functions adapted to the platform

The American e-commerce company, Amazon, has presented its new exclusive application for Microsoft Xbox video game consoles, with functions adapted to the platform.

As the company announced, the app brings Amazon’s visual assistant functions to televisions and includes audio controls, video functions, email viewing, access to home cameras, as well as calendar and weather forecasting.

It will also have voice commands that can be used to turn the console on and off and switch from one application to another and even see the availability of new games.

With a wide range of functionalities, the device arrives to innovate the technological market and according to the indications by the company it will be available in the coming days for all Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles | S.

Although Alexa arrives renewed, the application “requires a user to connect the Xbox to an Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled device,” as the company indicated.

K. Villarroel

Source: tekcrispy

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