EU proposes removable and replaceable batteries for mobile phones by 2027

The European Union wants mobile phone batteries to be removable and replaceable by 2027. This aspiration has unleashed the race between technology companies in the sector, with Apple at the head

In the European Union, the proposal for removable and replaceable batteries for mobile phones in 2027 is being considered. The objective could have consequences for the manufacturers of these devices.

Without a doubt, technology companies are already analyzing the scenario. Apple is one of the first to move towards this goal, as it is working to make the batteries of its iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro easier to replace.

The changes imposed by the EU for 2027 establish key points, but the main one is that the smartphone battery is easy to remove. A stainless steel casing will need to be implemented that allows this action and meets EU demands.

But there are other issues involved, such as “allowing the energy density of the battery to grow (between 5 and 10%, as explained on Medium).”

Information has been leaked that Apple would be working to replace “the classic adhesive tabs that hold the battery with a metal support that opens using an electric current.”

Samsung must follow in the footsteps of its competitor, to make easier the extraction of its Galaxy next generations.


Source: Xataka

(Reference image source: Kilian Seiler in Unsplash)

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