Alberto “Beto” Arvelo: “Juntos hacemos equipo” will inspire many Venezuelans

"That message of persevering and insisting is what is behind this inspiring Bancamiga campaign," said the Venezuelan screenwriter, producer and director, who stated that Gabriel García Márquez said that a writer is 1 % talent and 99 % perseverance

Inspiring others to achieve their dreams is the guiding thread of the “Juntos hacemos equipo” campaign, which Bancamiga premiered under the production and direction of the famous filmmaker Alberto “Beto” Arvelo, who in four minutes shows five passionate Venezuelans with what since children longed for and how they achieve their goals with commitment and perseverance.

From Los Angeles (California), the director of Havana, Havana (2004), Tocar y Luchar (2006) and Libertador (2013) expressed his satisfaction for the “pleasant” experience that the Bancamiga initiative meant and for being able to learn the history of Antonio Díaz, Federico Pisani, Amanda Dudamel, Henry González and Deyna Castellanos.

“From the very beginning, the idea of ​​making a production that was motivating and inspiring seemed beautiful and inspiring to me, with Venezuelans who were achieving special things beyond our borders. From that moment we carry out a very beautiful work, always touched by that element that is inspiration”, said “Beto” Arvelo.

He recalled that the list of prominent figures presented by Bancamiga seemed very solid to him, with Venezuelans coming from different sectors, but who had in common to pursue their dreams and achieve what they had proposed from a very young age, sometimes obsessively. But in the end it was “that desire to insist, not get tired and move on” that allowed them to achieve their dreams.

“I was very moved by the story of Antonio Díaz, the first Venezuelan, Latin American and American karate world champion after seven attempts. He never gave up until he did. Most human beings give up the second, third, or fourth time. Despite the fact that he was also adding years to his life, Antonio went ahead and achieved it. That is being committed to your dreams. It is an inspiring message and an experience that had a huge impact on me.”

A smooth process with Bancamiga

During the preparation of the script and all the production and direction work, Arvelo had the support of a team that at Bancamiga was made up of Alberto Camardiel, director of Payment Media and Channels; Randy Carrero, VP of Audiovisual Production; Paula Vargas, VP of Marketing; and Amalia Llorca, VP of Communications.

He described the entire process as very “fluid” where “we always agreed. It was wonderful to work with the bank team, led by Alberto Camardiel. It was a super committed and extraordinary team. I presented an original idea, it was studied and adjusted. Bancamiga’s comments were very accurate. It was a very positive creative relationship.”

“I felt very comfortable with the feedback, because of that spirit of putting yourself in the role of a spectator. That enriches and I appreciate it. I wish one could achieve this empathy in all projects.

Despite this fluidity, “Beto” revealed that there were very difficult moments such as the filming of the Deyna girl segment, which had to be done under a torrential downpour, which at one point made them think about canceling the filming.

“We had a large group of children with their parents. There were extras and a huge production job. That day it rained non-stop. With the Bancamiga team we analyzed what to do and even thought about suspending, but that decision had many implications, because we were with minors and there were associated costs. We made the decision to do it with rain and the children were delighted. What they wanted was to play. The parents were also amazed.”

He indicated that despite the fact that it was a great challenge, the images were beautiful. You could see the rain and a greater effort. And all of that reflected a greater inspiration.

1 % talent, 99 % perseverance

With “Juntos hacemos equipo”, Bancamiga shows five Venezuelans who fight to build a better society and a better future: the karate fighter Antonio Díaz, the biologist and mountaineer Federico Pisani, the designer and viceroy of beauty Amanda Dudamel, the photographer Henry González and the soccer player Deyna Castellanos.

For “Beto” Arvelo, working on this initiative had great meaning in his life, because he loves to talk about values, about people who inspire and share positive messages, who fight and achieve what they dream of.

“Personally this is the type of campaign I like, because we bring an inspiring voice to others. I feel very grateful for being in this project. I think we are going to inspire a lot of people, especially a lot of young people. That’s how I felt when we showed the campaign. The reactions have been very beautiful, people are moved and some are on the verge of tears.

He reiterated that it is “exciting” to see Venezuelans who go through many difficulties, but who achieve what they want. “And I loved doing this production and it’s what I want to do. It is a blessing to work with such committed and special people”.

“This message from five Venezuelans goes to an entire country. It is a message to the world. They fall and get up again. That’s very deep. It is a fundamental message for young people, who often believe that they have reached a ceiling and cannot go any further. It is there when the magic and the difference begin. Gabriel García Márquez said that a writer is 1 % talent and 99 % perseverance. That message of persevering, of insisting, is what is behind this inspiring campaign.

With information from Bancamiga

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