Biden and Petro met at the White House

The US president and Gustavo Petro held a meeting to discuss different issues related to climate change, Venezuela and the IMF

The Colombian president, Gustavo Petro, proposed to his US counterpart, Joe Biden, to take to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) the proposal that the states exchange public debt for climate actions, in an effort to tackle the environmental crisis at a global level.

“We talked about how to approach the construction of a green economy in all of the Americas“, said the Colombian president during a press conference after meeting with the US president at the White House.

“We talked about the possibility of exchanging debt for climate action around the world, based on the special drawing rights of the IMF, the United States government, even personally Biden, felt interpreted by the proposal,” Petro said.

He also added that the US president would be “very interested in taking the proposal to the IMF and making it a reality,” something that “would be a very important transformation of the world.”

During the bilateral meeting, in which Biden took the opportunity to congratulate Petro on his birthday, the American assured that Colombia is a “key” country in the region, and has praised the Colombian for his support for Venezuelan refugees, as well as for his Commitment to Human Rights.

Biden received Petro at the White House, where the two exchanged comments before a private meeting in which they discussed, among other issues, the fight against drug trafficking, policies against climate change, with special emphasis on the situation in the Amazon, and the sanctions against Venezuela.

K. Tovar

Source: El Tiempo

(Reference image source: Presidency of Colombia)

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