Adresles is the Spanish shipping company without physical addresses required

The Adresles company was created in 2022 in Madrid, Spain. The novelty is that it offers a shipping service similar to Amazon, but without requiring a physical address

The Spaniards have a new application generated by the company Adresles, specialized in sending packages and that does not require a physical address for deliveries.

Adresles emerged in 2022, in Madrid, with the purpose of facilitating the online shopping process and providing greater efficiency in deliveries, since the buyer can receive the package wherever they decide, once they indicate it in the application.

The name is probably derived from the English word “addressless”, which means precisely “without address”. From the beginning, the company focused on “becoming the first shipping facilitator on the market, allowing packages to be sent without the need for a physical address.”

According to the CEO of Adresles, Mario Íñiguez, they seek to “humanize services” in addition to “offering an exceptional brand experience, eliminating unnecessary barriers in logistics and recovering empathy with customers.”

Using this service is easy for Spaniards. They only need to go to or download the app, register with the phone number or email and in less than a minute they can send their packages with only the recipient’s phone number. “Flexibility is in the hands of the recipient, who decides where and when to receive their shipment.”

This mechanism eliminates the need for checkout, reduces cart abandonment in e-commerce, and makes package reception more flexible.


Source: marketing4ecommerce

(Reference image source: Bench Accounting on Unsplash)

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